Read about our approach to external linking. "The pressure for us is that we're trying to find the next Cola - not so much in terms of how it sounds, but as a track that can be that big, if not bigger.". Paths feat. Maybe the Arctic Monkeys, something like that would be crazy. Listen to Newsbeat live at 12:45 and 17:45 weekdays - or listen back here. Every Glastonbury poster and line-up since 1970, Soundtrack Of My Life: Ted Lasso star Phil Dunster, J-hope fulfils another fantasy with his J. Cole collab On The Street, Daisy Jones & The Six: backstage with the TV band everyones going to be watching, Final Fantasy 16 is a lavish RPG twist on Bayonetta and its all the better for it. In fact - Dave Whelan and Miki Di Scala from Liverpool, known to us all as CamelPhat - make arguably the most unique sounding electronic music created in the last decade or so. Watch CamelPhat discuss their upcoming debut album, dream collaborations, signature sound, and more below. "Don't get hung up on failing, it's important that you keep going because the next track you make might be the one.". with last years collaborative single Be Someone. / CBS Detroit. And "Panic Room", I think it's opened a lot of doors. More high-profile collaborations followed, including tracks with Jake Bugg, Jem Cooke, and Yannis from Foals, while the duo also became regulars of the festival circuit, with dates at Glastonbury, Coachella, Creamfields, and Parklife. Nobody Fucks it up quite like Everton Football Club. CamelPhat are an English DJ and production duo, consisting of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, formed in Liverpool in 2004. 2023 BBC. Well be a headline act, and its putting us up there with the likes of Calvin Harris andDavid Guetta. The single was a collaboration with UK dance act Elderbrook and was released on Defected Records. 2023 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Events at REELWORKS (EXDO) may contain flashing lights and strobe effects which can affect photosensitive individuals. [9][10] From 2008 to 2014, Dave Whelan was also a radio presenter on Juice FM. Winston Marshall takes break from Mumford & Sons, The strange world of Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Street fighting in Bakhmut but Russia not in control, Russian minister laughed at for Ukraine war claims. Get in with them. Eden) - Single by CamelPhat", "The Quad (Remixes) - Single by CamelPhat", "ARIA Charts Accreditations 2019 Singles", "Dopamine Machine - Single by CamelPhat & Ali Love", "Drop It (Mason Maynard Remix) - Single by CamelPhat", "Accelerator - Single by Solardo & CamelPhat", "Rabbit Hole Single by CamelPhat & Jem Cooke", "CamelPhat 'Freak' (feat. And you know what, you just have to put it in. The L.A. natives shared their dream collaborator, favorite throwback track, perfect sunset song, and more. As a duo Whelan and Di Scala released several remixes as under various names such as The Bassline Hustlers, Men from Mars and Da Mode. Tidy CamelPhat beats to kick start Friday Morning :) See more of David Whelan on Facebook Going to collab with them as well which is potentially is an album track.". At the end of 2020, CamelPhat dropped their long-awaited debut album, Dark Matter, which collected a number of previously released tracks alongside a slew of new material and saw them teaming up with the likes of Skream and Noel Gallagher. "I can literally press play and hear the kick drum, or the synth used, and I can decide whether I like it. Du kannst das arbeitsblatt auch 'elektronisch'. "And that all came from the email address. There's a million backing tracks that we've done. They are best known for the 2017 single 'Cola ', which peaked at number 3 in the UK Dance Chart, and at number 18 in the UK Singles Chart. We are doing another writing camp now, like October time, so there will be some hit list, we'll be reaching to RCA, the label, and we'll be asking can we get with these? In the early 2010s, CamelPhat set themselves apart by combining the anthemic thrust of progressive house with the moods and textures of classic deep house, and over the next decade, the duo's Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala developed enough crossover pop appeal to net themselves a Grammy nomination for 2017's 'Cola'. Zane Lowe returns to the decks for a club-ready mix after four years. CamelPhat just announced their new label coming Summer 2021. These electronic music superstars show no signs of slowing down and continue to sell out venues across the world! "We want to give an opportunity to other artists and up-and-coming DJs and producers out there who are maybe struggling to find their way," Dave says. CamelPhat is an electronic duo formed by DJs Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala in Liverpool, England, in 2008. "It sounds terrible but you can tell in a split second whether the production is at the level we need it to be. Formed in 2004, the pair put out a number of digital EPs and singles on Vice and Nervous Records before signing to Dutch EDM label Spinnin' Records in 2014. First published on March 3, 2023 / 7:07 PM. As well as new talent, Dark Matter also featured collaborations with the likes of Noel Gallagher, Au/Ra, Jake Bugg and Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis. Dave Whelan hosted his own Jubilee club night since 2004[5] and the two were resident DJs at Society nightclub. Follow Newsbeat on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Alongside Les Calvert, they began producing music together as The Chosen Few. It was a top 40 hit in charts all around the world, and became a nightclub staple. The big difference: there aren't any TV cameras in sight. He can turn his hand to anything he just needs to be put with the right people and it can be shaped into however you want it to go, like the programming of a record. The big difference: there aren't any TV cameras in sight. Unbelievably, after sifting through the first 600 tracks, Dave isn't sick of it. "We need someone to show us the way and discover what's going to be cool in the next ten years.". Camelphat have been making music together, under various names, for nearly 20 years, but it was their 2017 song Cola that . by Rob Wacey. The record label is the pair's latest attempt to find undiscovered talent. On who they consider a peer thats making great house music: "R Boss. Rabbit Hole feat. Dave Whelan: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. Eventually got like some kind of makeshift studio in the city center. Enjoying chart success in Belgium with tracks such as "Constellations," "Paradigm," "Make 'Em Dance," and "The Act," they came to widespread prominence in 2017 with the Grammy-nominated "Cola," a collaborative track produced with fellow electronic musician Elderbrook. To view this content choose accept and continue. A good northern band, like up north with ourselves. Now Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala have taken things up a notch, recruiting Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis and Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno for the forthcoming debut CamelPhat album, which is due . For those who prefer reading rather than watching, scroll on for snippets from CamelPhats chat with Zane Lowe. "The Act" did not enter Ultratop 50, but peaked at number 13 on the Ultratip Bubbling Under chart and number 32 on the Ultratop Dance Chart. Background. CamelPhat is a British deep house production duo comprising Mike Di Scala and Dave Whelan. Video, Russian minister laughed at for Ukraine war claims, Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore dies at 61, AOC under investigation for Met Gala dress, Walkie Talkie architect Rafael Violy dies aged 78, Mother who killed her five children euthanised, The children left behind in Cuba's exodus, Alex Murdaugh's legal troubles are far from over, US sues Exxon over nooses found at Louisiana plant. When Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala set sail on their journey as CamelPhat, it's hard to know if they could foresee the impact that they would have on the music world.With numerous successful projects over their careers beforehand, it was time for the Liverpudlian duo to take on a new sound. Dave Whelan from Camelphat is, we hope, joking. The duo's versatility and ageless sense of spacious house sonics sing to DJs across the great international house/tech landscape . Seemingly not. CamelPhat play Londons XOYO and Village Underground on January 25. The chorus to "Cola," the hit dance track by British house producers CamelPhat and vocalist . Since we've ever started, it's always been. CamelPhat is a British DJ and production duo, consisting of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, formed in Liverpool in 2004. CamelPhat founders Mike Di Scala and Dave Whelan were both established DJs when they met in a Liverpool record store in 2004. We actually made "Breathe" in the Mambo studios. Cari Golden)", "For a Feeling (feat. The xx as well. Dave (r) and his partner in crime Mike Di Scala at the 2018 Grammy Awards. The unnamed label is set to launch summer 2021. "I'd never encourage anyone to quit, though. "And that all came from the email address. Can we make this happen? Becaus their drums are amazing. It ends up in there anyway.". - use subject to the practices disclosed in our privacy policy. "Just be yourself. Weve been in this game for a long time now, so with our vinyl and our music knowledge, it should be two completely different but unbelievable shows., DW: So weve got an album coming thats about 14 records long although weve made 27 tracks now! "Be Someone" also peaked at number 2 on the. And hopefully the music and the album will preview as to what we're capable of, rather than just four to the floor all the time. Whelan will turn 53 years old Sunday, marking his fifth birthday in Russian custody. Kismet's reboot appears in their first-ever edit pack, which also features a blistering rework of Skrillex, Missy Elliott and Mr. Oizo's "RATATA. "Breathe" also peaked at number 21 on the. [3] 1 Whelan has been held for four years on espionage charges that his family and the U.S. government says are baseless. Au.Ra. 2023 BBC. For this single, CamelPhat teamed up their fellow Londoner Elderbrook, a . Well make sure that when we headline Creamfields this year were both wearing big Everton jerseys home and away!. Hannah from London Grammar. "Paradigm" did not enter Ultratop 50, but peaked at number 14 on the Ultratop Dance Bubbling Under chart. [13] In 2011, Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala became owners of a Liverpool nightclub Mansion. Nine solid. as much as we wanted to be international artists, it was more of a local thing. I'd be working weekends, whatever, we just started bouncing off each other. Its been blood, sweat and tears. Everybody Wants to Rule the World (2004) by The Chosen Few (Dance) and Tears for Fears Producer credit: Dave Whelan. They also took email submissions while they were recording their debut album Dark Matter, which was released in 2020. The single was a collaboration with UK dance actElderbrookand was released onDefected Records. Using the name Pawn Shop, they released a single "Shot Away" (All Around the World, 2006), based on a sample of "Gimme Shelter" byThe Rolling Stones,[8]which peaked at number 100 on the UK Singles Chart. "Don't get hung up on failing, it's important that you keep going because the next track you make might be the one.". [9][10]From 2008 to 2014, Dave Whelan was also a radio presenter onJuice FM. The duo bring their self-dubbed deep house with a shot of tequila sound to Beats 1's weekly electronic music radio show. Theres 90 BPM records, theres breakbeat records, and then obviously we have our club bangers as well. Family of Paul Whelan speaks out after Blinken urges Russian counterpart to release Michigan native. A lot of people, although they loved it, probably frowned upon it, thinking "I could never get away with that in my set."